Guiding individuals on their unique journey of original intent and purpose. Personal readings, counseling and consultation, synastry readings, groups and retreats.

Conversations with MEN about expressions of masculinity and what it means to "be a man" in this society.

The "Lizzie Moon" band plays it all! These skillful musicians have a smooth flow of rock, blues, pop, jazz, funk and more!

Monthly heartfelt connection over delicious food and great music! With “Lizzie Moon” as the house band, guest artists feature their creations in the warm space of the SouLounge.

Personal and small group guidance and workshops in Somatic Sensing, Integral Breath Therapy & Breathwork, Meditation, Sound immersion.

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Welcome to the Cosmos of Lizzie Moon!!

Cosmos – the universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious whole; implies a complex and orderly system or entity
Complex and orderly … and somehow harmonious; aligning all the sundry parts into a “one-song,” a Uni-verse of what I love, what I’m passionate about, my offerings, my soul’s intent and service on this Earth.
In true Sagittarian essence, I am a seeker of truth, knowledge, the deeper meaning of life, philosophy, “higher” wisdom, seeing the big picture. So I love the pursuit of knowledge on many different topics and fields of interest. Combined with strong Virgo and Pisces energies, I’m able to pull it all together, recognizing, interpreting and arranging the wide array of elements, energy, knowledge, experience and wisdom into a pattern that helps heal and guide the individual soul’s journey.
We are all undergoing a great Turning of the Ages (read more here). So many of us – and Mother Earth herself! — are experiencing the intense process of huge life changes!

“As Within, So Without; As Above, So Below.”

We’ve all had a time of becoming clearer about our priorities and gathering courage to act upon them. We’ve change, we’ve made decisions, we’ve lost, we’ve gained. Likewise, for me this vast, cosmic process brought some undeniable choice points that changed the direction of my focus. During this time, the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ and the immeasurable clarity and guidance I’ve received, I’ve become unwaveringly committed to my life’s purpose at this very important time for humanity.

So, I’ve honed it down! I’ve put together the elements of Me into a pattern of offerings and expressions that I love and find to be most beneficial and helpful at this amazing time to be alive!

(More about my personal journey here.)

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