Estrella Astrology - Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™

Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the Sky Speaks to You.

Welcome to the beginning of the next step of your soul’s journey!

Even if you’re only here to visit, or to investigate how “shamanic” astrology is any different than other approaches, your interest has created a spark to know more, to expand your consciousness in some way and to ultimately know your Self better.

That’s exactly what the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ does! It gives us a clear, objective roadmap, a set of instructions that elucidates the original intent and the journey of the soul. It helps us consciously align with our unique personal cosmic makeup and purpose for incarnating at this important time.

The word “shamanic” indicates a true experience that the soul passes through for the purpose of a transformation of understanding of ourself and our life path.

In that regard, the Shamanic Astrology approach invites us to the experience of a new understanding of our soul’s intent and purpose, and gives us an understanding and an opportunity to work with initiatory cycles and the tools and equipment that can assist us in aligning with our soul’s intent … if we choose.

“Many are called but few choose.” (Daniel Giamario, Founder of Turning of the Ages Mystery School)

We always honor that the human has free will to understand and work with these larger cycles … or not! This is a study of INTENT!

This paradigm:

  • values all places in the wheel of life;
  • values the totality of the human experience with all of its light and all of its shadow, equally honoring evolution and involution;
  • removing any judgement of “good/bad,” right/wrong, higher/lower, rulership/detriment;
  • does not predict or give demands or punishments.

A natal or birth chart reading gives immeasurable insight into our unique starry “imprint” – the way the Heavens were lined up at the moment of our first breath, that moment of infinite potentials and possibilities.


Planets do not simply ‘influence’ us; they are like cosmic organs woven within the very fabric of our mind.


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