“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.” ~ Dane Rudhyar

Many of us have some awareness of astrology and how it’s supposed to tell us about ourselves and maybe even predict what will happen or what we should do. Maybe we’ve read our “horoscope” occasionally and found that sometimes it seems true but others it doesn’t. Maybe we’ve studied astrology even further, learning more about what each sign means and how people who “have” certain signs have certain characteristics.

Regardless of how deep your connection is with astrology, the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ offers a different approach than what you may be used to. If familiar with astrology at all, we’re most often familiar with our Sun sign (ie: “I’m a Taurus,” “I’m a Scorpio,” etc.); and if we’ve gone a bit further, we may know our “top 3,” our Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs.

But have you noticed that not everyone born under the sign of Cancer is the same? And not all “Gemini’s” are the same? And all “Aquarians” are definitely not the same! That’s because the Sun stays in a particular sign of the zodiac for an entire month so it’s not possible that everyone born in that particular month has the same characteristics. There is so much more about our cosmological energy that can be revealed!

Sun sign horoscopes with which we’re most familiar became popular a relatively short time ago in the 1800’s when newspapers began to be printed! However, humans have been observing and recording the movements in the sky and related happenings on the Earth for millennia; and the importance of the Sun’s placement was different among cultures and over time. Only “recently” has the Sun sign carried the level of importance it does today

As a result, the descriptions of Sun signs in the periodical horoscopes have a flavor that reflects the times of hierarchy and judgments of “good/bad,” “higher/lower,” “better/worse,” etc., using words of “rulership” and “detriment.” In other words, they’ve often described the essences of signs, aspects and transits more (sometimes only) in terms of their shadow characteristics – those that are “hidden,” “lower,” and ultimately “at fault,” or “punishable” that humanity as a whole ends up living into and often becoming.

For instance, if “a Taurus” has been described as “stubborn,” “bull-headed,” “stuck in their ways,” etc., then as “a Taurus” you may end up taking that on as an aspect of your character or just “how you are.” But what if you’re Ascendant – the current direction of your soul’s intent – is Sagittarius and you desire to be the adventurer, the one who goes where no one’s gone before, the philosopher, the seeker of higher truth and deeper meaning? And what if your Taurus Sun helps you to also slow down and smell the roses along the way, to receive sensual pleasure and fully enjoy the moment?

Showing us how to slow down, to feel what’s happening in the body, to enjoy all the senses, to seek intimacy for its own sake … this could seem slow and stubborn to some but in this case, it’s how the Taurus Sun operates in order to rise into the Sagittarius Ascendant.

This is one of many examples of how this paradigm, gives equal value to every place on the wheel and seeks to redefine the distortions of the archetypal essences in the zodiac in a way that serves our current time and the individual soul’s evolution. Therefore, prepare to be uplifted into perhaps a new interpretation of what you’ve heard about “your sign” as you’re given a directional “map” along the paths of our soul’s journey and an objective view of what the soul came to rise into in this lifetime.

You’ll first receive a short audio recording preparing you for our time together and perhaps prompting particular questions you may have. Unless otherwise arranged, we’ll meet online so that the session can be easily recorded and the visual of your chart can be shared as we talk about it.

It is NOT required that you know anything at all about astrology or an astrological chart! A Shamanic Astrology reading is about LIFE! It’s about what we experience as a human on Earth that is reflected in the cosmos … “As above; so below.” It’s about experiencing the moments as they unfold in our time together, interacting, and sharing new insights. What happens during a reading is best described by my personal mentor and the founder of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™, Daniel Giamario

“It is the union of the client and the astrologer, and the astrologer and the sky, all having a soul-to-soul, direct connection. The transmission is heart-to-heart between human beings … What takes place, soul-to-soul in that moment of the chart reading between the astrologer, the client, and Great Mystery … this is what causes astrology to work. It is a living dynamic in that precise moment.”​

The ”story of you” is expressed in your own very unique mandala. The zodiac “chart” – the Wheel of Life – shows the map of the cosmos at the time of your birth and is an impactful way to bring the “above” and “below” together in a practical, applicable way personal to you. An important note is that rather than predictive, this information is directional, always honors free will and is a study of intent!

The interpretation of your natal chart unfolds as a symphony with 3 movements. The first movement includes looking at the places on the chart that tell us the essence of our Lineage. In this system of astrology, we assume that we don’t come into this life as a blank slate; that there are certain characteristics, mannerisms, habits, beliefs, behaviors, etc., that are inherent in our “past” or our lineage. As the symphony unfolds in the reading, we look to see how we can use the parts of our lineage to assist us in the directional flow of our soul’s intent and which parts we may be challenged to let go or overcome.

The 2nd movement of the symphony reveals the tools and equipment we have and may use to support moving in the direction of our soul’s current life intent … if we choose. “The universe is supportive of and power is accessed by human beings who consciously participate with their initiation cycles.“ (D. Giamario)

The 3rd of the movement of the symphony points us in the direction of the helm of the ship. This is what our soul came to “rise into” in this lifetime. This is our Ascendant – what we can ascend to if we choose to work with the tools and cycles we can see on the map.

We then move to relationships … because life seems to center on them. It’s through our relationships with others and with ourselves that we learn and grow the most. This symphony also shows the resonant energies that either make relating harmonious or challenging, and even the reasons you would even want to be in relationship at all. We can also see the best way you’ll be supported in moving toward a new level of inner wholeness and a more harmonious relationship with your Self.

Lastly, we’ll discuss the particular transits (initiatory cycles) you may be in currently along the timeline of life as well as personal transits determined by your unique chart/mandala. I’ll give particular dates and spans of time that focusing on the energies of those transits will offer the most support in your soul’s growth.

Our time together will last about 90 minutes and is completely interactive! I want to hear how you’re experiencing what I see revealed in your chart! In the unfoldment of a reading, it’s difficult to retain everything that’s covered so after you’ve had a few days to let things settle in, I send a recording of our session for you to refer back to. I also send a copy of your chart and a personal Cosmic Energy mandala as a reference to the archetypal essences of your chart.

I look forward to assisting in helping you get a clearer perspective on your current life’s purpose and how you can best be assisted in navigating the journey!

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